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The Pood: Michigan's Inferno


On Good Friday in 2012, a charming four-legged ragamuffin suddenly appears. It has giant ears like pompoms marinated in manure, glowing orange eyes, spiky punk-rock fur, a Glasgow grain made of meat-cleaver fangs, cast-iron balls, a fishing-hook penis, and a bladder full of acid but a heart made of gold. After an explosion, The Pood rides atop a mushroom cloud over the sleepy hamlet of Hell, Michigan. All of history will change.


The devil himself shall be led by a matronly tour guide, Flo Jellem, on a tour of the nine neighborhoods of Hell, inverting Dante’s Inferno. The cast includes a deranged mass-media buccaneer named Tampon Redsmear; Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley, melded together in one body; a craven president named Oreo Cookie; and Ayn Rand recast as an Objectivist dominatrix.


They and thousands of others converge on the center of Hell in an effort to seize The Pood and topple reality. Who will win? Renegades? Reality? Or The Pood? First novel of a projected trilogy.


From the minds of:

David M.

Scott Thorson

Awet Moges

and Dave Taylor


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