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A post-modernist, post-human, hallucinatory visual and literary epic. Did the Gods invent Man, or did Man invent the Gods? Or did both invent each other? In the far future, Man is long gone and earth is scoured of all life. However, the Gods abide — as do non-human mortal species scattered across the far-flung Cosmos.


Taken together, the mortal and immortal realm is known as the Mythoscape. In it, warring pantheons of venal and self-important Gods, bored to death with their own inability to die, vie for worship among the mortal masses. But only one pantheon — the Pantheon — has a different idea. Founded by the last living human, an immortal mortal named Cartaphilus, The Pantheon’s mission is to confiscate the Mythofacts of God Worship — the Crosses,  Crescents,  Six-Pointed Stars and all the rest — that enslave mortals to Gods. Their goal is to end God worship and free mortals to become their own Gods.


One day among this team appears an ancient Goddess who has lost all memory of her fantastic past. She drifts ashore from a dead Earth ocean under the premonitory wings of an enigmatic black raven. Thus begins an odyssey of intrigue, supernatural lust, adventures across space and time and dramatic encounters with beings previously unimagined and almost unimaginable. The graphic  novel Pantheon is an epic in the style of the great literary giants of ancient Greece and Rome, updated to a modern sensibility.