Pood Paw Prints

Death is when we wake up from the nightmare called life. This is one of the lessons of ​The Pood, the flagship novel of Pood Paw Prints. This lesson is incarnated in the form of a lovable ragamuffin, a supernatural toy poodle with orange eyes, a corkscrew penis, a bladder full of acid but a heart made of gold. Sure, he kills a lot of people, but some of them deserve it. The Pood will win your heart. You’ll just have to wade through all the blood and gore first.


Pood Paw Prints​ is dedicated to publishing the offbeat, the irrational, the surrealistic, the fantastical and the absurd.


In addition to ​The Pood, the following work is currently available, and topical to the social and political nightmare now unfolding in America, in which satire has replaced reality, or vice versa:


Abe 2.0: Welcome to the Asylum, Mr. President

Watch Abraham Lincoln come back to life and run against Donald Trump for president, the two men climatically meeting in a wrestling ring in an exact replica of the Colosseum built in Rome, Georgia, and paid for by Trump.


​Works coming soon:



Slingshot back to 19th-century New York in a 22nd-century anti-matter submarine called Nautilus. The crew consists of backstabbers, schemers, plotters, one psycho, a hitchhiking American president with his brain in cyberspace and his eye on the next election, but also a self-deprecating and increasingly heroic captain. Eventually even Albert Einstein hitches a ride, but spends most of his time bitching about the rotten food. Their goal: reconstruct from scratch an obliterated future, and — if possible — make it better.


​Eternity Invasion

Experience the irrationality, denial, narcissism and violence of the entire human race during a cosmic death sentence that lasts for fifty years, in this alternative version of history that spans the years 1963 to 2013 and features a cosmic chess match in which the fate of the world hangs in the balance.


​The Sandal of Jesus

Get inside the tortured mind of an abortion doctor in the American Deep South of the 1970s who barely survives an assassination attempt, and then meets Jesus again and again and again, under the guidance of his born-again nurse. But is the doctor attracted to Jesus, or just his nurse’s big rack?



Romp through the Mythoscape in a graphic novel depicting a band of outlaw Gods dedicated to banishing God worship among all mortals throughout the cosmos.


​Honey, My Pants Don’t Work, and Other Shorts

Discover how malfunctioning pants lead to lunacy, find out what happens when Rush Limbaugh meets Woodie Guthrie, meet death in a garden and find absurdity in a revolving circular bowling alley in this collection of short tales that will curl your hair and tickle your funny bone.


Pood Paw Prints. Because.