Pood Paw Prints

The Sandal of Jesus

By Dave Taylor and Scott Thorson


In the Deep South in 1975, Alex Oborsky, a Russian-born doctor, opens an abortion clinic. He is ill-prepared for what he encounters: Sign-waving protesters calling him “Baby Killer,” mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night, a brick through his car windshield, and finally, a fusillade of gunshots that change his life. His born-again Christian nurse, Julie, slowly guides him back to health and sanity, and toward the loving embrace of  Jesus — and the repudiation of his baby-murdering ways. But in his journey of self-discovery, which includes numerous meetings with Christ Himself, Alex must confront a key question: Is it really Jesus he seeks? Or is it just Julie’s big rack? About 50,000 words.

Eternity Invasion

By David M and Scott Thorson


An alt-history sci-fi novel covering a 50-year period, from the assassination of JFK to New Year’s Eve, 2013. The real history of the world is reconstructed through the lens of a long alien invasion — the Eternity Invasion.  First spotted in the sky after Kennedy’s death and some 25 light years distant, a mysterious Death Star is moving steadily toward earth at half the speed of light, betokening earthfall half a century later. Its mysterious and unseen occupants open a radio channel to earth over which they broadcast a nonstop fanatical filibuster, a jeremiad vowing to wipe out all humans except for a select few who shall be The Chosen Ones, earning immortal life in exchange for eternal slavery. This secularized version of the biblical God tale features intertwining subplots that ultimately converge on an explosive conclusion.  At the heart of it all is Jules Pick, a narcissist, intellectual and closeted gay sadomasochist who wins fame and fortune by promising the earth a bogus escape from assured destruction, and Charles Zugzwang, a chess grandmaster but also a serial killer who undertakes a chess game with the invaders — the Big Others — for the highest stakes imaginable, all the while fighting to save the life of the young woman with whom he has fallen in love. About 70,000 words.