Pood Paw Prints

David M

toils as a cynical and disgruntled journalist, with nine published short stories to his credit.  Lifelong bitterness over having a single letter for a last name has driven him to producing short stories and novels that consist of more than one letter, though he aspires, as might his literary hero Borges, to producing an infinite body of work embodied by the sole letter "M."  David enjoys quaffing IPA's and pointlessly squabbling with Awet Moges.


Scott Thorson

is Dilbert.  He even has a pointy-haired boss (just kidding if his boss is reading this).  A Systems Admin Man in Seattle, Scott dreams of the day when he will be confined 24/7/365 to an infinite labyrinth of computer warrens, constantly on call to fix and maintain back-end systems.  Like Sartre's postmortem hotel room, Scott's ideal office with have "No Exit".


Awet Moges

is an artist and writer in southern California who has had a number of shows of his artwork.  He hangs out at cigar bars and quaffs Arrogant Bastard Ale.  In addition to having a graduate degree in philosophy and a long and distinguished career as an online troublemaker under appropriate user names (The Heretic, Campanella, Utter Kunt) he enjoys squabbling pointlessly with David M. and producing Friday Funbags, or the artistic exploration of nature and the breasts of women.


Dave Taylor

is a judo master who is rotting away in sullen silence on the decaying carcass of the remnants of the British Empire.  Living in a post-Apocalyptic dystopia produced by decades of wrong-headed right-wing economic policies inaugurated by Margaret Thatcher, the Euro zone and the IMF, Dave gains revenge against real-life by penning stories and novels that explore the nature of God and the breasts of women.


Chad Phillips

(We don't know his real name, but made a guess based on what he told us his name was) is marooned with his wife in the arid wastelands of rural Texas, environed by rattlesnakes, Republicans and Despair.  His brilliant satirical and surreal short works have distinct overtones of Nikolai Gogol and Daniil Kharms.  It is hoped that -- unlike Gogal -- Chad will not burn all his manuscripts and fall prey to religious hallucinations; and that -- unlike Kharms -- he will not starve to death in an abandoned insane asylum during the siege of Leningrad.  But one never knows what life holds, does one? :(