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Abe 2.0: Welcome to the Asylum, Mr. President

(An Alternate History of the 2016 Presidential Election)


On April 15, 2015, Abraham Lincoln rises from the dead, 150 years after he died. He wanders into a  mostly unrecognizable world revolutionized by technology, but familiar in one respect: people are as stupid and evil as ever. Once again, the union is about to break up. It is on the brink of a second Civil War: not between the Blue and the Gray, but between the Blue States and the Red States.


It is a world of capitalist Islamists who buy the Middle East; a hermit real-estate developer who wants to buy the 2016 presidential election; virtual-reality oases called Dreamworlds that offer the wealthy an escape from reality; and a gang of murderers, thieves and miscreants with clashing political views who nevertheless share one vision in common: to overturn the established order.


Lincoln hovers over this pageant like an avenging angel. Can a former president risen from the dead legally run for president again? Will he run? If he does, can he defeat Donald Trump? And — if he wins — what will he do?


By David M


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